Clinton on Trump Video: 'This Is Who Donald Trump Is' The Democratic presidential nominee responded to the video during the debate.

    President Obama Hopes to Sway Voters in Ohio President Obama will campaign in the bellwether state early Friday afternoon.

    Trump Promises to Continue Attacks on Clintons 'If They Release More Tapes' Trump made the promise a day after the debate.

    Clinton Says Trump 'Should Have Been Apologizing' at Debate Clinton made the comments the day after the debate.

    Trump Tells Nevadans How to Pronounce 'Nevada'...Wrong Trump raised eyebrows at the rally in Reno.

    Trump Would Walk In on 'Half-Naked' Women, Pageant Contestant Says Tasha Dixon said Donald Trump came "strolling right in" as women were changing.

    Inside the Fight for the US House Donald Trump's slide could hurt the GOP-controlled Congress.

    Debate Fact-Check: What Trump and Clinton Claimed A fact check of claims made by the presidential candidates in the second debate.

    WATCH: All the Donald Trump Moments Mike Pence Said Didn't Happen At the Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday night Kaine pointed out several comments made by Trump and Pence that Pence denied ever being said.

    Diminished Enthusiasm Dogs Trump as Clinton Gains in Affirmative Support Diminished enthusiasm, high negative support undermining Trump's campaign.


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