Some Guantanamo Bay prisoners held for years without charges December 1, 2016, 7:36 AM | The White House says it will not allow President-elect Donald Trump to veto any releases from Guantanamo Bay prison before he takes office. The Obama administration is working to find countries that will accept dozens of

    2017 to Be Year of Massive Change in Washington Washington is bracing for a year of breakneck change as President-elect Trump and a new Congress take office with a jam-packed agenda ahead. "Look, I can tell you what I got out of Donald Trump today is, this is a man of action," said House Speaker Paul

    BioWare's brand new game, Anthem, gets a longer look at Xbox's E3 event Players will get to explore an alien world using a variety of exosuits called Javelins. The game is set to arrive in 2018.

    Milwaukee zoo hand raises Amur tiger cub to save its life MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County Zoo officials are hand-raising an Amur tiger cub — an unusual undertaking only done in order to save the cub's life. Officials had to give special care to the cub named Kashtan after he developed an infection that killed

    The Fed's decision and jobs data: Here's what could drive the market next week U.S. markets closed mixed Friday, as the Dow Jones industrial average notched a record close, the S&P 500 finish slightly lower and the Nasdaq Composite fell by nearly 2 percent. Technology stocks sold off in Friday trading amid growing concerns that the

    Conway: Trump is 'enacting policy on behalf of a nation' Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, joins Chris Matthews to explain Donald Trump’s immigration ban – and the role that Obama played in Trump’s decision to focus on seven countries. more Duration: {{video.duration.momentjs}}

    CBSN Interview with Sen. Amy Klobuchar January 4, 2017, 10:11 PM | Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joins CBSN from Capitol Hill to discuss the alleged Russian hacking, the final push to save Obamacare and President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet. Watch the full interview from "Red & Blue" here.

    Why Trump's call for poll watching terrifies the RNC Rachel Maddow looks back at the trouble the Republican National Committee got into for racially targeted "poll watching" in New Jersey, and explains why Donald Trump's call to supporters to watch "certain communities" is something the RNC hopes members

    Apple hires former Porsche racing engineer, report says Nobody really knows what the hell is going on with Apple and cars. There are reports that it has abandoned building an actual car in favor of a system for cars, but a new hire with roots in motorsport muddies the water even further. Apple has allegedly

    Google doodle honors Ghanaian entrepreneur Esther Afua Ocloo Helping other people succeed was just as important to Esther Afua Ocloo as securing her own success. The Ghanaian entrepreneur and pioneer in microlending, who was born 98 years ago Tuesday, was the first person to start a formal food-processing business


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    Fifa must ban these Israeli settlement teams, if it wants a level playing field | Ben Jamal There is a rising tide of pressure, including...


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